Last Name First Name Email Grades Title
Adourian Joanne Science Lead
Agnew Christine Occupational Therapy
Augustine Shyla Grade 2
Augustine Ivan Director of Education, EFN-EA
Augustine Lenore Culture
Augustine Vera Secretary
Augustine Jerron IT Specialist
Augustine Marcus IT Support
Augustine Carla Kindergarten Nursery
Augustine Germaine Resource
Augustine Elizabeth Grade 5
Barlow Robyn Grade 2
Bohnet Jessica S-LP
Bradstreet Eustacia Guidance
Campbell Schyler Physical Education Gym Teacher
Carruthers Micah Grade 6
Clair Karen Kindergarten Nursery
Clair Katrina
Comeau P. Janitor
Cormier Nadie
Cormier Danielle Resource
Cummins Julie Grade 5
Daigle S. Janitor
Daigle B. Janitor
Dennis D. Janitor
Donovan Laureen Kindergarten
Fearon Kayla Grade 4
Francis Beatrice Grade 2
Francis Cynthia Grade 8
Googoo-Dedam Vanessa Behaviour Interventionist
Googoo-Dedam Melissa Principal
Graham Jeremy Facility Manager, Technology Lead
Harrison Beverly Health and Wellness
Hebert Loretta Secretary
Hebert-Leblanc Nicole Psychologist
Hudson Sam Music
Joseph Lorena Behaviour Interventionist
Lewis Trey Grade 7
MacDonald Cole Physical Education Gym Teacher
MacDonald Doug Educational Psychologist
Maund Debbie S-LP / Specialist Services Coordinator
Mcfadden Colleen Physical Therapist
McIntyre Courtney Grade 6
Milliea Jennifer Assistant Director, EFN-EA / Student Services Coordinator
Milliea Marina Vice-Principal
Milliea Oasoeg Culture
Morris Rose Kindergarten
O'Neill Crystal Family & School Coordinator
Owen Angelica Behaviour Intervention Assistant
Peter-Paul Ariel Resource
Peter-Paul D. Janitor
Peters Mary Kindergarten Nursery
Redmond Maureen Literacy
Richard Cynthia Rehab Assistant
Roach Monica Resource
Roberts Carrie Art
Robichaud Nicole Grade 3
Sack-Tuplin Kachina Grade 1
Sanipass Tatum Grade 3
Sanipass Samantha Rehab Assistant
Sanipass Marion Culture
Scully Kevin Alt-site Teacher
Scully Danny Administrative Support
Scully Rilla Literacy Lead
Simon James Grade 7
Sock Wendy Resource Coordinator
Sock Lisa Grade 1
Sock Serena Culture
Sock Cathy Culture
Sock Lani Grade 8
Solomon Tanya Literacy Lead
Sullivan Elaine Grade 1
Underhill Megan Kindergarten
Warman Jenna Grade 4
Warren Lindsay Grade 3
Watling Darby Human Resource Officer, EFN-EA